When I see myself in you…..

Growing up I had a very strict mom. More so an angry mom. I rarely saw her happy. She was always angry and was either cursing us …or her fate…. I loved her a lot because she did her best with what she had and what she knew. One thing I wanted was to have her courage and intelligence. But never wanted the anger and rage which she showed. But we pay a prize for everything. As I grew older, realized I was becoming more like her. Courageous and smart, but also getting the temper. I saw myself in her and that scared me. I made a conscious effort to change, worked on my temper. I tried not to be that part of her that I hated and succeeded to some extent

With the lockdown, was spending more time at home. Became addicted to screen and social media. There was no time limit for screen time. Slowly I watched my kids becoming like me. Before the situation got out of hand I needed to change. Took control, took away their gadgets, spent more time playing on our terrace, learning new skills. Sometimes I feel we don’t realize our shortcomings unless we see them In our loved ones. How it’s affecting them and how they are becoming you. It’s then that we have to make amendments before it’s too late.

When I see myself in you

Erupting like a violent volcano

I scared my kids to run off

I had become that part of mom

Which made me shiver like in a storm

I saw myself in her and decided

Never to walk that street which I’d abandoned

Addicted I was

Could not change a thing

I saw my kid become me

I saw myself in her

That day I quit my addiction

I became the change

For how else could my child sustain

It’s when I see myself in you

That troubled me in you

I put my ego to rest

For I've got to win this first.

Drop-in your comments if you saw yourself in someone and that made you want to change.

A writer, poet, doctor, mother of two lovely girls, bharathanatyam dancer , a keen bird watcher, a researcher and still a student for life.