Growing up I had a very strict mom. More so an angry mom. I rarely saw her happy. She was always angry and was either cursing us …or her fate…. I loved her a lot because she did her best with what she had and what she knew. One thing…

Mentoring in silence

I was already an assistant professor in a reputed medical college. There was a new professor joining and I was eagerly waiting for him. My present professor was very nasty and I couldn’t take his torture anymore. He was always taunting me for some reason or the…

The Gandhian virus

No one can deny

the harm you have done

But There. is something good

In covid too

You brought families together

You brought the nation together

To fight as one

Just like Gandhi united us in the past

Covid has united us in the present

The day…

I had enrolled my daughter in a public speaking coarse online @ covid times you know to just keep things flowing. She had to choose a topic to talk about on the last day of the course among all the topics she was given which were deforestation, climate change, air…

Mamatha Naveen

A writer, poet, doctor, mother of two lovely girls, bharathanatyam dancer , a keen bird watcher, a researcher and still a student for life.

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